Frequently Asked Questions


Why isn’t my property listed?

Due to the size of the market for student accommodation, we can't guarantee that absolutely every hall has been added to our website – if you think we've missed one, drop us a line at or file a report and we’ll get it added, pronto!


How do I write a review?

Writing a review is easy, and can be done in one of two ways – Either find the property you'd like to review and hit the "Leave a review" button, or visit the "Review" page, search for a property, and away you go! We provide some useful tips on what to write about, and allow you to upload your photos to enhance your review.


How do I find a property?

You can find properties listed by location and provider, or you can search for a specific property using the search on the top of each page.


How do I upload a photo?

On each property page there is an ‘Upload your photos’ button, or you can also add photos to a review before you publish it.


How do I close my account?

If you'd like to close your account, email us at and we’ll let you know how to proceed.


How do I change my password/email address/avatar?

You can change all of these things through the ‘Account’ page, accessible by clicking your name in the top-right corner.


How do I see all of my reviews?

You can see a convenient list of every review you’ve ever written on the ‘Account’ page when signed in.


How do I get my review 'verified'?

Verification is currently in testing and will be officially supported shortly.


Why isn’t my provider listed?

Much like with properties, not every provider has been added to Hallsy, so emailing us at will alert our attention to any that you think we've missed. Where a university markets a property as its own, despite it being managed by a third party (for instance, UPP properties) these will be listed as the particular university. Where a university simply allocates rooms in a private organisation's property, these properties will be listed under the actual provider itself and will display a notice if they are exclusively for students of that particular university.


How do I book a room through Hallsy?

We're working with providers to make Hallsy the go to place to find, review and compare Student Accommodation. For properties owned by companies partnering with Hallsy, you will be able to book a room using the ‘book this room’ button on the relevant property page.


What is a Hallsy official Facebook group?

Hallsy run a number of Facebook groups for current residents of various properties, as an easy way to contact the people you’ll be living with, and to build mini-communities. These groups will be managed by Hallsy Staff and Hallsy Reps.


My property doesn’t have a Hallsy Facebook group.

Oh, that's unfortuante – if you’d like one for your property, you can request it via the ‘Request group’ button on the relevant property page.


I saw something that breaks Hallsy’s rules, what should I do?

If you see anything that breaks the rules or is otherwise unsavoury on any of our property pages or reviews, you can use the handy ‘report’ button to send a message directly to us. If you are otherwise unhappy with content anywhere else on Hallsy, send us a report here.


I got an error - help!

As Hallsy is rather new there might still be some bugs to iron out – if you’re unlucky enough to come across one then do tell us about it by either using a report button if its available or sending an e-mail to


How do I contact you?

All our contact details are available on our Contact page.


Hang on, that's wrong!

If you see anything incorrect on any of our pages then firstly we sincerely apologise – do get in touch with us by the usual e-mail address of and we’ll do our best to rectify it as soon as possible.


Please take down this review/photo/property/provider from Hallsy.

All reported content will be assessed by the Hallsy team with regards to its compliance with the Hallsy rules, Terms & Conditions, and relevant laws. If you have any concerns regarding something on our website, please report it and we will deal with it as a matter of course. Please note that Hallsy does not currently remove property or provider listings unless evidence can be provided that said property or provider has closed or ceased trading respectively. Hallsy reserves the right to publish publicly any 'take-down' requests it receives from providers or organisations/individuals with a conflict of interest.

Last updated 11 September 2015