For Providers

At Hallsy, we understand that achieving our goals be best done by not only working with students but with the accommodation providers themselves.

It's important to enable two-way dialogue between these parties, and not set out one as 'the enemy' if we're to stimulate change. Even moreso it's imperative that we ensure we can do this while being transparent and true to our core values and ethics.


Our online dashboard service exclusively for accommodation providers, Hallsy Insight allows a real-time view of reviews, ratings and other data for a providers’ respective properties, alongside being able to respond and contact reviewers directly.

This tool is the main base for providers involved with Hallsy, and enables them to maximise on resident feedback by being able to publicly respond to praise and criticisms, and then act accordingly.

For more information on Hallsy Insight and how your organisation, as a provider, can make use of it, please speak to our team.

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Advertising & Promotion

The Hallsy platform is set to become one that is heavily frequented by students looking for somewhere great to stay or, from a marketing perspective, your potential customers.

Advertising with Hallsy is an excellent and effective means of complimenting positive feedback received from students in order to drive up occupancy and secure additional bookings. 

Accommodation promoted through a campaign with Hallsy can bear increased prominence, and specified reviews can also be 'pinned' within a property page.

We must stress that we are, of course, unable to remove, alter or falsify any reviews, ratings, rankings, etc. as part of a promotion - paid or otherwise - and will clearly state where any content has been promoted.

To discuss rates and explore the possibility of advertising with Hallsy, please get in touch with our team.

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Marketing Services

Making the best impression to potential customers looking for their new home is vital in securing a new tenant.

In addition to having great ratings and reviews from your past residents, it’s important that you accurately depict life at your properties and demonstrate why this is such an appealing prospect.

Our Marketing team are available to provide a number of services to providers, including;

We also develop websites, web apps, and mobile apps to meet your requirements in terms of promotion, property management and data handling.

To request more information and pricing details, please contact our team.

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