Say Hello to Hallsy!

Posted on 15 November 2015 by Ryan.

It brings us tremendous pleasure to be able to make Hallsy available to the public.

Hallsy is the new place to find & review student accommodation across the UK. We believe that living somewhere that’s right for you is one of the most fundamental steps in making your university experience a success. Hallsy is all about allowing students to make an informed choice on where they’re going to study, sleep and eat for a whole year or more.

This website as a project is the culmination of over 7 months of hard work and hundreds (if not thousands) of man-hours of development, design, data-entry and strategic planning meetings (and singing Lady Gaga songs at the top of our voices). We’re incredibly excited to be able to share this with everyone and we hope that the level of dedication that has gone into the project shows in our end product. We hope that using Hallsy to find great accommodation (or to help others do the same by reviewing) is as much of a great experience for you as it has been for us to create it.

Hallsy is not complete, however. Reactive development will be ongoing for the website and we are looking forward to building upon our core platform and releasing the Hallsy mobile app alongside additional features.

We can’t wait to see where this project takes us, and ask you to join us in our mission to drive up standards and satisfaction levels in student accommodation by reviewing yours - be they past or present - and sharing the site to other students alike.

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Rebecca & Alfie
Hallsy Founders